Eating Japanese Food in a Japanese Restaurant



Japanese food is one of the most tasteful and exotic culinary excellence worth experiencing especially you are one of those who love tasting a cuisine at it excellence. The best way to taste Japanese food is when you are in the country itself, complete with the ambiance of the Japanese culture. However, this excellent cuisine has already made its way worldwide. You would find an Osaka restaurant in any city you go, but just to let you know that there could be only a few restaurants in your area that can serve you the real Japanese cooking.


Japanese foods are served in various ways. Not only are you in for an exotic and tasty experience, but the food presentation is already a delight to behold, that sometimes you would feel sorry to destroy the setting but then glad to eat it afterwards.


You have not eaten Japanese food if you have not tried sushi. Sushi is cooked rice with other ingredients that form a feast to your eyes and palate. Sushi, historically called shari, is also being modified in the West with the introduction of variations depending on the location. For example, there is the California roll, or the Alaska roll with a salmon on top or inside the rice roll, or the Seattle roll with the rice roll topped with cucumbers, avocados and raw salmon. These different variations have one thing in common and that the inclusion of these other ingredients with the rice roll has to be raw, and this is the basic staple of sushi.


Another option of Japanese food is the teriyaki style found not only in Japan of course but in most parts of the other side of the globe. The basic method is grilling or broiling the meat, sea food and vegetable which were marinated in soy sauce to achieve the taste. Usually, marlin, salmon, yellow tail, and squid are used for grilling. A variation of grilling meat like chicken, pork, lamb and beef is also being offered in the West. Boiled sauce are poured and brushed over the grilled meat and vegetables until cooked. Know more facts about restaurants at


There is also another way of Japanese cooking for steaks. These Japanese steakhouses have equipments called hibachi grill for this manner of cooking. The steaks are cooked right in front of you, complete with a skilful display of the chef. This is another great experience both for the eyes and your taste buds.


So, the next time you are looking for a great experience of an exotic food that will give you utmost sight and gastronomic satisfaction and feast, go to one of the real Osaka Japanese restaurant in your area.


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